Church Planting Efforts

Life begets life. The goal of the people of FBC was that as they closed their doors for the last time, that it would not become the "end of the line" for the gospel work they were doing. So they chose to plant a new church immediately, with a vision to plant many more churches in the near future.

The Work Has Already Begun

The next step in our journey is to support the planting of one new church in Northern Virginia. The goal of this new church will be to create a network of small connection groups where people can learn to become followers of Jesus (disciples) and lead others to follow Jesus, too. These groups will then be gathered into a larger congregation, where they can cooperate in regular rhythms of worship and connection. 

As this grassroots movement becomes a healthy church, they will also be preparing the next church leaders to start a new movement of multiplying small groups to gather into another church. 

Learn more about the Strategic Vision here.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to be part of the new church plant, you can contact to learn more.