Kids Ministry

We understand how important your child is to you and to the Kingdom of God. Rest assured that we will work to keep your child safe and comfortable at our church while investing our time into teaching them the truth of God's Word. We offer enriching programs for your child of any age.

Nursery: Infant - 3 years old

We have nursery available for all of our Sunday services. Infants are welcome with parents at our Care Group meetings as well.

Children: 3 years - 5th grade

For our children in these formative years, we teach them during Sunday School classes (9:45am Sundays) and Praise Factory (up to 3rd grade, during the sermon portion of the Sunday worship service). All of these offer social growth opportunities, but focus on instilling biblical knowledge and understanding of who God is and what he does.

Youth: 6th grade - 12th grade

Our growing youth group is an exciting place for older youths and young adults to learn what the Bible means and how it applies to the challenges of their lives. Questions are welcome, and answers come from the Bible during group discusisons. The youth serve in ministry and have the opportunity to participate in several outings and camps every year. The youth gather weekly for "Youth Group" meeting (Sundays 6-7:30pm).

Faith Baptist Academy Preschool and Kindergarten

We offer an academically excellent preschool and Kindergarten program for your 3- through 5-year-old child during the week. For more information see the academy website @