Mankind was created to bring God glory. When the church participates in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to people from every nation on Earth, we glorify God. Though mission trips and finanacial support of missionaries, we glorify God and advance his salvation purposes to "every tribe and tongue and nation."   We also partner with bilingual ministers here at Faith to provide worship services in additional languages to reach people from all over the world who have traveled to our nation's capital.


The best way to reach the world with the gospel is for every Christian scattered around the globe to be faithful in gospel ministry right where God has them. That's why we operate on the mission statement to connect our community with Jesus and lead them to follow Him. So we're faithful to preach the gospel in our services and to share the gospel message with our friends, family, and neighbors.  

Part of adorning the gospel we preach is to be be a people zealous for good works. God is glorified when our good works are seen publicly. So we strive to serve our community in noticeable and tangible ways in order to open doors to share the life-changing message of the gospel with them.


The church exists to bring God glory and to serve Christ, the head of the church. God is glorified by the transforming power of the gospel working among each local church to train and transform believers into better and better reflections of Christ's glory. To this end, we strive to teach and train our congregation to know and obey the Scripture.  

Our church focuses its energies on teaching ministries, fellowship, service, and evangelism.