It's Time for a Fresh Approach

Faith Baptist Church just celebrated our 68th anniversary since we chartered on September 2, 1952.  A lot has changed since then. We got fax machines! Then we dumped them all in the landfills. Now smartphones are everywhere and people can access the internet 24/7. Recent changes like the safety guidelines due to Covid-19 and the Church-wide jump to online streaming are also impacting the culture and the church.

It's time for us to take a leap as a church. We can't reach the 2020 world with 1952-style ministry. Yes, the gospel is timeless, but the operation of the church within its culture is not. We're shifting our approach from the "come-sit-see" model to the "go-tell-be" model. Selling the church is one step toward enabling a better and more nimble future for FBC.

  • The Town Green-Lights Purchase of our Property

    On August 31, 2020, the Vienna Town Council approves the purchase of 301 Center Street South. Pastor David was there for the meeting, and gives a full report. Read it here.

  • We're Taking Precautions with Covid-19

    Another big change is the way we're meeting. In addition to online streaming, we're taking lots of precautions to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 treat. Learn more.

  • What's The Plan?

    We are working as a congregation to define our new future. We know we need to make significant changes, and together we're crafting the vision and definition of the future we believe God wants. 

    Learn more.